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A.C. & Instruments Services & Repairer.

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Baljit Services is there to help you with the :

Installation and setup
Preventive Maintenance Protection

Of your :

Direct cool
Frost free refrigerator
We take care of your refrigerator, so you don’t have to worry about their breaking down.

Possible Causes :

Loose contact/power cord defective, defective voltage stabilizer
Bulb fused or bulb holder loose contact
Door not closing properly, gas leak, internal defects

Problem or need service assistance with your refrigerator

We offer repairing services for all leading refrigerators, used for commercial and domestic purposes, as per the requirements and the specifications given by the customers.

Refrigerator repair & maintenance Services

Refrigerators, sometimes referred to as iceboxes, are appliances with thermally insulated compartments. This allows for safe, extended food storage. We provide same day Fridge repair service, Freezer repair, Deep Freezer repair, Refrigerator repair in Ahmedabad.
However, problems with your refrigerator could add up to big trouble if they are not quickly addressed, resulting in food spoilage and waste or worse - illness. We offer the most affordable repair services and work on most appliance brands and high end appliances.